How awesome would it be if you could achieve the speed of an airplane without the tedious and time-consuming trips to the airport and expensive tickets? This question plagued Tesla CEO Elon Musk who finally came up with a solution which we now know as the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is not just an upgrade to an existing transport system, but a whole new type of transport.

How will a Hyperloop work?
To put it very simply, a Hyperloop transport system would involve a capsule which you board into. The capsule then shoots forward in a vacuum tube. As the tube is a vacuum, there is little resistance to the capsule’s movement. Whatever little air remains in the tube, it will be channeled out through an extensive exhaust system, so that the complete absence of air resistance will let the capsule reach phenomenal speeds- almost 700 to 1000km/hr! That’s as good as achieving the speed of a plane even while moving on the ground.

Test construction of the Hyperloop is already under way at Hawthorne in California. Musk’s plan for the Hyperloop is complete with ideas for a system where from obtaining tickets, to baggage checking, everything will be made electronic and automatic so that there won’t be the hassle of queues to deal with.

As for how much it would cost to travel in a Hyperloop, Musk’s plans suggest that it wouldn’t cost more than what you would spend on bus travel. However, the project itself seems to be something that will require huge amounts of investment.

Although critics doubt the practicality of the Hyperloop in actual use, it looks like the idea has really gained momentum and won’t slow down any time soon. If Hyperloop does become popular, travelling as we know it is going to change phenomenally. Although it’s still in its early stages of development, perhaps 50 years from now, Hyperloop will be the preferred mode of transport over others!