High potential employees – you know who they are. They’re the ones with a high level of motivation, commitment and ability, not to mention the drive to succeed. Nothing can stand in their way. Even then, sometimes they are easily missed in the havoc of the working world, when everyone is busy mitigating that risk, meeting that deadline or finding solutions to difficult problems.

Taking the time to identify which employees qualify as high potential paints a picture of your company’s future, as it is these employees who will make the effort to raise your company to the next level. Here are seven common traits to make these employees easily recognizable

Forging Their Career Path
Employees considered to be high potential take an active role in their career advancement. They are the first to initiate a conversation about advancing in the company and strive to improve the necessary skills needed to facilitate said advance.

High potential employees are not limited to one skill; they are well rounded and excited to learn about subjects that are out of their present skill set. They do not fear change; instead, they embrace it. They are also comfortable taking on mentor relationships and enjoy teaching their skills to other employees.

While technical skills are very important in the workplace, it is equally important to be able to thrive in workplace culture. High potential employees are able to develop and maintain both friendships and working relationships with their coworkers and superiors. They understand the benefit of having both mentors who can nurture their skills and advocates who can stand up for them if need be. They are genuine people who understand the impact their words and actions have on their coworkers. Mostly, though, they are not only willing to invest the time needed to get to know their coworkers; they are excited about it.

Able to Collaborate
High potential employees have a team mentality. They are able to work with others to solve problems, be it within their own workplace or with another organization. They know how to effectively communicate and work in a group setting.

High potential employees have lofty ambitions. They set high standards when it comes to their work’s quality. Their work ethic is incredible. High potential employees are able to identify a situation’s needs and rectify a problem without soliciting advice from their superior.

Seek Feedback
High potential employees exude confidence but understand that everyone’s performance has room for improvement. Even theirs. They seek feedback about their performance and use it as a stepping stone to improvement. They treat mistakes as opportunities to improve future performances and do not dwell on their past performance.

Elicit Trust and Respect
Those employees considered to be high potential have work performances which are consistent and professional. They deliver results as promised and take their assigned tasks seriously, which elicits trust and respect from both coworkers and superiors.