Innovation is not a revolution. Innovation is a lot of small ideas and improvements that accumulate over time. Small changes can easily become innovations. Tiny nuances in the right direction can have a large positive impact. Everyone used to drag their heavy and cumbersome suitcases around the airport or train station after a long trip. One day a regular person woke up and innovated by 1% to attach small wheels directly to the suitcase. It is the size of the impact that matters, not the size of the change.

Looking back now we take such an innovation like screwing a small wheel to a bag as inconsequential. We assume it was always that way, and struggle to remember when it was different. We forget that thousands of people rushed through airports, tired, jetlagged and frustrated. They would carry their luggage by the handle. The discomfort and inefficiency was simply tolerated and shrugged off. The enemy of innovation reared it’s ugly head, that the status quo was good enough and anyone who questioned it was foolish.

To innovate is to not tolerate the current situation, but to stand for something better. To wake up and commit to being incrementally innovative, even in the smallest things that make up your day. Innovation is a mindset that things can be improved, changes can be made. The journey does not end, as there’s always a fresh perspective or untapped potential hidden close to you. To look at something you have seen ten thousand times, and see it differently. These small ideas will add up, and one day, you will surprise yourself with what you achieve.